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Debt Management Plan

Debt Management PlanDebtFreeAmerica.com is a nationwide debt management plan agency dedicated to helping people establish financial freedom. We offer our clients an opportunity to make a sincere and honest effort to repay creditors at the lowest cost and in the shortest period of time. We provide clients with debt management plan tools to assist in paying off many types of debt.

DebtFreeAmerica.com's "Debt Management Plan" is a financial consolidation plan for persons experiencing extreme financial stress.  The plan is designed to be more effective with unsecured debt (credit cards, department stores, personal loans, and medical bills).   As a non-profit, licensed agency, DebtFreeAmerica.com has negotiated special terms with creditors to lower monthly payments, reduce and even eliminate finance charges, re-age delinquent accounts, and assist in building a credible payment history.  Clients are given the convenience of making one low monthly payment to DebtFreeAmerica.com so creditors receive payments on a regular, timely basis.  The process is safe, easy, and effective!

Typical Savings

Creditor Name Balance Payoff ON
the Plan
Payoff OFF
the Plan
ABC National Bank Visa $ 1,215 $ 1,523 $ 2,042 $ 519
Discovery Card $ 4,100 $ 4,100 $ 11,292 $ 7,192
JC Mart Card $ 832 $ 953 $ 2,102 $ 1,148
Totals $ 6,147 $ 6,577 $ 15,436 $ 8,860

*Savings based on industry assumptions.

Reasons to join DebtFreeAmerica.com's "Debt Management Plan"

  • Reduce Financial Stress
    • Lower Monthly Payments can be arranged

    • Lower or Eliminate finance charges

  • Confidential and Personal

    • Debt to Income Ratio Analysis

    • Debt Management Plan

  • Consolidate Debts

    • Simple qualification requirements

    • No points or interest fees from loan companies

Remember, it took a while to get into debt. Be patient on your way out of debt.



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